First Step Educational Consultancy | Document Checklist
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Document Checklist

Documentation Checklist for admission & Visa and other important information, Australia

Offer letter

  • Academic documents till date
  • Passport
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • University/College Application form
  • Skype/phone interview may be conducted by university for offer letter (Offer letter processing time 1 to 6 week)

Visa Documentation

  • All academic documents (Transcript, Provisional, Character)
  • 2 recent passport-size color photos with white background.
  • Financial documents @ Educational Loan from Nabil or SBI bank limited of Nepal to cover 1 year fee & 1 year living cost (18610 AUD) with 2000 Traveling cost for Streamlined Students. or @ Minimum 3 months old bank balance certificate & statement with evidence of income
  • Income sources with supporting documents
  • Valuation of Property with supporting documents
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • CA Report
  • Relationship certificate with sponsors and family members
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Report
  • Citizenship Certificate (translated in English)
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from University/College
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

(If you are applying with a spouse, evidence of the ‘genuine and continuing’ nature of your relationship with your spouse. For example;

  • Marriage certificate
  • Evidence of cohabitation
  • Evidence of joint financial assets or liabilities (if applicable) such as joint ownership of property or joint bank accounts – Evidence of the social nature of the relationship such as photos together in various places, statements from friends/family members, loan to cover dependent’s living, traveling cost which is AUD 6515 per year with 2000 AUD Traveling cost.)
  • 157A Visa Application form
  • Visa Application charge (Demand Draft)


Can apply at the same time with student

Visa Type

Student visa

Method of teaching



Interview may taken face to face here in Kathmandu VFS so preparation is most.


University:Feb and September each year, Private College: will have flexible intake


  • Tuition Fee payable for 1year AUD$ 18000 to AUD$ 22000
  • Pocket money (2000 AUD$)
  • Air Ticket (700 AUD$)
  • Approximate expenses might be 15000 to 18000 UD$: NPR 15 to 18 Lakhs.

Key Facts

  • Incredibly beautiful country with a wide range of scenic and leisure opportunities
  • Internationally acclaimed education options for international students, including many English-language options
  • Excellent pathway and articulation between programmes such as diploma to degree
  • Competitive in terms of cost of living and study
  • Multicultural, friendly society, with over 400,000 international students coming to study each year

General Information

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Official Language: English
  • Official Currency: Australian Dolloar
  • Population: 22,834,471
  • Total Area: 7,618,000 km²
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Climate: Summer: December to February
  • Winter: June to August
  • Autumn: March to May
  • Spring: September to November